Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Sevenling: No Roses to Remember

There are no roses to remember
Only crossword puzzles and Jimmy Dean,
Brainstormings and quaquaversal readings.

I dance no boogie, you play no jazz
Only our heartbeats can play as one
But why is it that after twenty years

The wind brings laughter I cannot recall...

                               A form that intrigues me... This is my offering for Real Toads


  1. A well written poem, and a new [difficult] word!
    What more can I ask from a Monday morning?

  2. This is a VERY good sevenling. You followed the form well, and I love that last line and the way it trails off......

    (Thank you for your comment on mine. I enjoyed reading your saying about bananas. Indeed sometimes the imperfect in one way is perfect in another.)

  3. Super pretty and intriguing poem - the first stanza feels especially vivid to me. k.

  4. A nice sevenling ~ I agree that our memories are selective, specially with sad and poignant events in our lives ~ But if the memory loss is due to disease, then its even more heart breaking ~

  5. Wow! This is excellent - especially if it is the first time you have written to the form. You have brought the sense of loss across so clearly - I really felt it.

  6. Oh, this is intriguing...feels like a story to be told in this. Great work!

  7. Not remembering the laughter after 20 years... I hope you don't have someone dear to you traveling a road down Alzheimer's. The last line really grabs me and makes me think.

  8. I am so torn by this poem--or by the emotions it evokes in me. The crosswords and Jimmy Dean were enough. No need for roses or dances or TV romance. If only, though, he could be here now with the laughter so barely and rarely recalled.

  9. The last line really does justice to the form. I was smiling to myself and then I read that line... and paused... and wondered.