Thursday, September 27, 2012

Green Tea

Photo from Ella's Edge

Quiet, as I sit down
Knees folding 
Like an origami crane.
I was crisp and temporary
in that moment
When you set that tea cup
And I turn it this way
A little that way.

I close my eyes and take a sip
green leaves whirl
at the bottom
As silent as my wishes.

I have enjoyed tea ceremony with my Japanese friends
and they showed me how to appreciate the moment. I like the bitter tea
and the tiny sweet cake that accompanies it.
 Of course with coffee I take it large,creamy and sweet.;)
Great prompt. So satisfying...
Photo courtesy of Ella's Edge.

My offering for Poets United...


  1. This is beautiful. I love the image of a person sitting down, knees folded like an origami crane! Your poem (and afterwords)REALLY made me want to experience a tea ceremony!

  2. Awesome post. I love the tea ceremony it's so meditative and esthetic.

  3. Amidemanila, I love the quiet beauty in your words. It is peaceful, like having tea. I love these lines:
    "Quiet, as I sit down
    Knees folding
    Like an origami crane."

    Then the ending:
    "I close my eyes and take a sip
    green leaves whirl
    at the bottom
    As silent as my wishes."

    There is a bittersweet feeling here! Well Done :D (off to make tea :D)

  4. This is as replenishing as a good cup of tea. I especially loved "knees folding like an origami crane".....and "as silent as my wishes...." Beautiful, with the feeling of a formal tea ceremony. Most beautiful.

  5. "Like an origami crane" is your poem elegant and graceful...Thanks for sharing

  6. So delicate and tender...a beautiful offering for the prompt.

  7. Ah - very pretty and Japanese poem. Lovely and simple description. k.

  8. Your words are delicate but the tone is strong, I love that!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment yesterday!