Monday, September 17, 2012


Tonight I fall headlong
Down into that abyss
The yawning cauldron,
And then calm
Before the water
Hits rockbottom

I crawl with jointed limbs

On the crags and on the cliff
My aerials shudder as I feel
The ancient craving
And inundation of your lip.

I am Raggedy Ann hurling

Into the eye of the cyclone
Perspiration freezing my bones
Traversing the deathly silence
Of the stone.

Tonight I fall headlong

Deep into that abyss
The moon mask looking on
Black iris of the sky,
I rise seaweed tangled
Your memory clinging to my hair
Like a barnacle.


  1. Very powerful way of expression...nice poem....

  2. Oh my!! I don't know if I've ever had the pleasure of reading you before! Your writing is super rich...what fun my tongue takes in reading your words.

    I love this:

    "Down into that abyss
    The yawning cauldron,"

    and your last stanza of seaweed tangles and lingering memory...just striking. Well written indeed!

    Nice to meet you if I've not met you before... :)

  3. I like traversing the deadly silence of the stone ~ This is a lovely share ..specially the last stanza ~

    Cheers ~

  4. What fantastically lyrical poetry you write. This is absolutely stunning! Just beautiful.